An unrested weekend

I took my car to have the vehicle inspection today. The courtesy car this time was newer than that Prius, it looked newer, but wasn't easy to drive at all, particularly the seats' position are very strange, made my waist painful all way long. It is Nissan Teana, a mid-size sedan for sale until 2020. I really miss that Prius now, once again I was convinced that Toyota always has the best sense of cars.

My Sunday was very tired this time, not only because of the stupid seats of Teana, maybe also because I didn't sleep well last night. The one hour yoga Nidra was comfortable, although my arms became numb as I didn't place them well. I love the instructor's voice and her way to lead the lesson, I think I would feel better next time.

Oh yes, youngest finally got better after one whole week's feaver. I took care of her while keeping on working for the whole week, this must be the reason that I feel I need more rest as well.

The only recreation of this weekend should be the short time to watch " Kate and Leopold ", my favorite movie, brilliant and funny.

Good night!

Chat more soon!

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

I met one of my friends today but don't think I would meet her once again.

She has recovered from the breast cancer, is thinner than before, and getting a bit older than my imagined.

It was also a surprise for me to know that she hasn't used The Body Shop, maybe she hasn't even heard the product's name...

You cannot judge people by their appearance...when she we left Starbucks, she even took the paper bag home.

Anyway, I don't think I could see her again and today'a song hunted me is: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.



A movie helped me escape

Watching a movie could sometimes save me, when I feel frustrated by nothing, I give me my own space to enjoy a movie, not only the story, but the performance and music.

Have suffered from a nasty cold since this Tuesday when it was very windy and I played tennis without taking off my jacket.

It seems like I need more days to recover, but I won't take the allergy medicine any more as it made me too sleepy that my brain couldn't run as usual today. I'd rather wear mask all day long, even in the evening when I sleep.

So the movie tonight I watched is "Girl with a pearl earring", produced in 2003, oh, 23 years ago...

Scarlett Johansson's performance is always brilliant, she is absolutely the right star for this figure, her face, her movements are all perfect. 
I was also haunted by the music produced by Alexandre Desplat, the melody suit the story so perfectly, dark, sad, and strange in a flowing atmosphere.

The painting itself is mysterious, nobody would know who the girl was and why she wore that blue and yellow turban, but her smile is eternal, which is the most important thing.




Greatest Love of All



仕事のお供はOut of AfricaOST。先週土曜日に映画を観てハマってから何十回も聴いている。壮大で甘くてどこか悲しいメロディ。農場もデニスも失ってアフリカを離れるKarenそのもの。



今日もOut of Africaに囚われて、朝のお皿洗いの時も夜のパソコンワークの時もBGMは全て映画のOST。どこかAmeliaのと似ているところもあり、その壮大感は平凡な一日をも感慨深く感じさせらる力がある。